Gayle Mousis
CEO / Founder

Gayle Mousis worked her entire adult life in the restaurant business; first as a baker, then as the owner/operator of two restaurants at once.  She always dreamed of retiring to a peaceful place and producing products from the earth. Lavender became her subject of interest, so she planted a number of different species and worked the field. Soon Gayle realized that the location in Lebec Oaks was perfect for growing lavender, and the farm was born.  After attending the Lavender Festival in Sequim she fell in love with the state of Wahington and all it had to offer.  When looking for a vacation retreat, an existing lavender operation came on the market just south of a little town called Forks.  This ‘match made in heaven’ soon turned into the second farm.  Although she still works the restaurants remotely, Gayle spends her days joyfully working the farms and enjoying the peaceful life they bring. 

Terry Penrose
Marketing Director

Terry Penrose was the owner of a construction company when he met Gayle.  After observing the operations and experiencing first hand the benefits of lavender, Terry and Gayle joined forces.  Terry wound down the construction business and joined Gayle at the Lebec farm, then moved with her to the Forks, Washington farm.  He works with Gayle in the fields, performs the repairs and maintenance on the machinery and is in charge of the distillation operations. Together, he and Gayle have developed the two farms into fully functioning, organically-based operations with over two thousand plants combined annually.  Terry believes that farm life is amazing!  He gets to build things and develop new ideas, as well as interact with nature.  “Just watching the chickens is better for me than meditation”.